She’s such a poser…

You know a future model right away when you see someone pose like this little girl did. She was a blast to take pictures of as were her mom and dad. I love it when families come ready to have fun!

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Always up for a challenge

This past weekend I was faced with a bit of a challenge while trying to capture the picture everyone wants. There were 4 kids, two different families and 3 of the kids were under the age of 1 1/2. We had a few meltdowns, and worms and oranges that were the ultimate distraction. When all was said and done I had a great time and captured a few perfect moments.


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Smiles in Gilbert

I had the opportunity to take some updated family photos for my good friend Jenn this past weekend. Her daughter was adorable and the camera loved her smile!


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Super cute family in Chandler

I had a great time shooting this family! Both kids were really cooperative and did a great job in front of the camera. I think they must have been models in their past life or something….haha. We started off with some family shots and then took some of little Natalie in her communion dress.


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Tickle the Photographer?!? o.O

Tried out a great new location this weekend with a family friend of mine. When we started the kids were not to enthused about getting their pictures taken but perked right up when the offer of “tickling the photographer” came up. It definitely got some real laughs out of all of us!


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