My Family

My Family <3 – Child/Family Photography – Gilbert, AZ

A few times a year I get the urge to take my family out for a “session”. Here is the result of this year’s first urge.

And if you’re wondering about the goofy hat, my husband bought it for my daughter as more of a surprise for me. The abominable snowman freaks me out a little and of course he thought that was hilarious. *rolls eyes* But oddly enough, I kind of thought this hat was cute. Joke’s on him! ;o)

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My family <3

Equipped with my camera, tripod and family…I tasked myself with taking our holiday pictures this year! This is the first time I have done a “full session” with my family. Usually it’s just a couple photos here or there. Of course by the end, Ava (my four year old daughter) was calling all the shots. I ♥ my little future photographer!

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Cancun Baby! <3

My best friend had a destination wedding in Cancun (!!) last weekend. It was absolutely GORGEOUS there! I don’t think I have ever seen such blue beautiful water in my life! So of course I had to break out my camera, tripod, and husband to get some pictures!

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I Love Cali – Family Photography – Los Angeles, CA

My family and I took a mini vacation to Santa Monica, CA. It was the first time my daughter saw the beach…and she LOVED it! Of course I took this as an opportunity to get some updated pictures of us (and some random other things).

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Fun With a Parasol and Tutu – Child Photography – Chandler, AZ

I love it when I get the chance to take some pictures of my own daughter. So on a whim (which is usually the only time it happens!) I took her, her new parasol and tutu that she got for Christmas for an impromptu photoshoot.

Note that the only way she would agree to this is if she got to “take some pictures of mommy” as well. So the last four pictures on here are the ones that she took of me with the p&s camera she got for Christmas. Aren’t I such a good model?!? HA! Oh and you got to love the date on her pictures. I guess mom is fired for not noticing that on there when she originally got the camera…whoops!

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